Athens Services Partners with Harbor Area YWCA to Tackle Food Insecurity

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Athens Services Partners with Harbor Area YWCA to Tackle Food Insecurity

Athens Services is proud to sponsor YWCA Harbor’s Healthy Futures Food Distribution Program. This initiative aims to address food insecurity and promote sustainability by diverting thousands of pounds of food from entering the landfills and bringing quality and nutritious food to local communities in the Wilmington, San Pedro, and northern Long Beach areas.

On May 18th, Athens awarded YWCA, a non-profit organization based in the Harbor region of Los Angeles, a total of $48,000 in infrastructure grants as part of the recycLA and City of Los Angeles’ Food Rescue Program. The funds will go towards supporting their weekly farmers’ market-style, food-distribution events and the purchase of a transport vehicle that will enable the organization to expand the reach and impact of its Food Distribution Program.

“We are so grateful for our partnership with Athens Services,” said YWCA Harbor Area Executive Director Sonia Bailey. “It has allowed us to more than double the amount of families we serve in the San Pedro and Wilmington communities. We are very excited for the future and all the impact we will be able to make because of Athens Services’ support.”

Athens actively champions local food recovery initiatives, offering business clients comprehensive outreach materials and online resources to help them identify potential food rescue partners and donate their edible food.

“Athens Services is proud to support such an amazing program that nourishes the local community, while addressing climate change through food recovery,” said Athens Sustainability Specialist Kikei Wong. “Our mission is to create a better environment for current and future generations. Through the Healthy Futures program, we can support feeding families and not landfills.” 

Founded in 1918, the YWCA of the Harbor Area is one of the longest-running women’s advocacy organizations dedicated to empowering women and their families. Through a variety of social justice programs and community-based interventions, the YWCA serves as an essential resource in helping Harbor Area and South Bay community members meet their needs and improve their lives.

“Investing in initiatives like the Healthy Futures Food Distribution Program is crucial for our mission of empowering women and families in the Harbor Area,” said Sonia. “Athens Services’ partnership is instrumental in helping us fulfill our goals of providing nutritious food to those in need, while also contributing to environmental conservation efforts.”

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