Athens Services Partners with the Pomona Public Library for Sustainable Storytime

Thumbail Family at Pomona Public Library Sustainable Storytime

Waste and recycling professionals work hard every day to protect the environment for all of us. We’ve all seen the drivers who collect our waste and recycling, but there are many more workers behind the scenes. All of them deserve our thanks for the work they do.

Athens Services Partners with the Pomona Public Library for Sustainable Storytime

POMONA, CA (May 1, 2023) – In collaboration with the Pomona Public Library, Athens held a Sustainable Storytime consisting of children’s book readings, snacks, craft activities, tabling from community partners, and photo opportunities with Rocky the Recycling Raccoon. 

The event kicked-off with a reading of three books that taught kids about the environment. During snack time, learners were instructed to hold on to their trash so they could practice how to properly dispose of their waste. 

Athens Recycling Coordinators and Rocky led a recycling game where kids had to figure out which of their waste items belonged in which bin. They not only learned proper recycling, but also how to best sort organics waste.

Children participating in the Pomona Public Library Sustainable Storytime

After storytime, eventgoers put their newly learned skills to the test with an upcycled craft activity, visited community partner tables, and took photos with Rocky along with Athens’ mini trash truck Mighty Mike, a lid flipper Jeep, and a brand-new collection vehicle.

“Athens brought out all the stops for our Sustainable Storytime,” said Library Services Manager Anita Torres. “From Rocky the Recycling Raccoon to Mighty Mike, kids and families had endless opportunities for fun.”

Athens also had a table of their own where residents learned about proper waste sorting, received free compost and seed packets, and had the opportunity to enter a contest to win a free mini-Athens collection truck. The event was joyous for the whole family and is just the first of many community outings with Athens.

“The storytime event with Athens has been in the works for quite some time,” said Anita. “The families in attendance had a really great time and we can’t wait to partner with Athens again for future events.”

Athens Recycling Coordinators giving a high-five to a child

Athens Services is a recycling and waste diversion leader in Southern California. Family-owned and operated since 1957, Athens was founded on the simple principle of providing exceptional service, by hiring and developing great people, while fostering a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment; that’s The Athens Way. Today, Athens Services teams up with local communities, as well as private institutions and government agencies, as their zero waste partner.

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