Athens Services Sponsors New K-9 Officer for Pomona Police Department

Athens Services Sponsors New K-9 Office for Pomona Police Department

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Athens Services Sponsors New K-9 Officer for Pomona Police Department

Athens Services Sponsors New K-9 Office for Pomona Police Department

Athens Services is excited to announce the sponsorship of K-9 Officer Athena for the Pomona Police Department’s K-9 Unit. As Pomona’s dedicated community partner, Athens is committed to providing services that enhance the wellbeing, safety, and livability of the city.

“Being a former police officer with experience working with police canines, I understand the impact that police dogs have on creating a better quality of life in the community,” said Executive Vice President Gary Clifford. “We are grateful for the opportunity to sponsor Athena and welcome her into the Pomona community.”

On August 15, Athens and the City of Pomona hosted a town hall meeting at the John F. Kennedy Park Community Center to promote the city’s new waste and recycling programs. Athens team members, city staff, and members of the police department were on hand to introduce Athena to the community.

Police Officer Yasmin Rodriguez and-K-9 Athena

“The Pomona Police Department is grateful for the partnership with Athens Services and for their generous donation to the Friends of Pomona Police K9 Foundation,” said Pomona Police Corporal Chris Lewis. “Their [Athens] generosity will provide our newest police canine, Athena. She will serve to protect the citizens of Pomona with her handler, Police Officer Yasmin Rodriguez. Both Athens Services and the Pomona Police Department have community service at their core and look forward to sharing Athena’s futures successes.”

Prior to joining Pomona’s K-9 Unit, Athena trained for her police career with the help of the Friends of Pomona Police K9 Foundation. The organization was established in 2022 with the mission to expand training opportunities for active Pomona Police K-9s, as well as provide financial support to purchase canine protective gear and tactical equipment. Once a police canine retires from active duty, the group also supports handlers with the costs of veterinary care, medical prescriptions, food, and boarding.

Athens is proud to collaborate with the Pomona Police Department and the Friends of Pomona Police K9 Foundation to welcome Athena home where she can use her expertise to help keep the community safe.

“Athena will be an important resource for our law enforcement partners in Pomona so that they can safely and effectively prevent crime,” said Gary. “We celebrate this day and wish the Pomona Police Department success in their new endeavor.”

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