Athens Services Surprises Four-Year-Old Birthday Boy in Montebello with Truck Visit

Waste and recycling professionals work hard every day to protect the environment for all of us. We’ve all seen the drivers who collect our waste and recycling, but there are many more workers behind the scenes. All of them deserve our thanks for the work they do.

Athens Services Surprises Four-Year-Old Birthday Boy in Montebello with Truck Visit

When Athens Services got word that Elijah Solis’ was turning four years old, the Athens team deployed a front-end loader (FEL) collection truck to help celebrate the special day. Elijah looks forward to trash day every week and jumps for joy each time he sees an Athens truck on his street.

“He has been obsessed with trash trucks since he was two,” said Elysia’s mother, Vickie Damien. “Those are just a few of the many trucks in his collection,” said Vickie while pointing over to the trucks scattered on her lawn. She went on to say that Elisya’s personal truck fleet is approaching 20 different vehicles.

Elijah has autism and was a bit shy at first when it came to interacting with the FEL, but as he became more comfortable being up close to such a large vehicle, he had a blast. By the end of the day, Elijah and his friends got to touch the truck, take a seat inside the cab, and even honk the horn.

“We are so excited,” said Vickie. “Even though he’s a little shy, he loves garbage trucks, and this day means the world to him.” For Athens, it is the small acts of kindness leading to moments of joy that make the biggest difference. “We like to participate in these types of events to help make kids birthdays a little more special and exciting and to continue to build a strong relationship with our residents in the city,” said Operations Supervisor Rodolfo Baca-Lopez who accompanied Driver Jonathan Tavares to the celebration.

“We want to make sure our customers and residents know they can count on Athens to always go above and beyond,” said Rodolfo. To read the San Gabriel Valley Tribune’s coverage on this story, click here.

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