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Your grandparents or parents most likely spent most of their lives dumping all of their waste into one bin that was destined for the landfill. Times have changed. Recycling is now a normal part of everyday life. Companies like Athens Services have made major investments to reduce the environmental impact of landfills.
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11The Power of Composting: A Valuable Solution to an Earth-sized Problem
The disposal of green waste, also called organics, in landfills has a destructive impact on the environment. It takes up a lot of space and produces harmful gases that contribute to climate change. However, if recycled, organic waste can make the Earth safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Organics waste can not only help the environment...
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11Raul Flores Employee Highlight (1)
Week after week, Raul Flores watched Athens Services collection trucks from the counter of the retail store where he worked. One day, he asked the Athens driver what the job was like. “It’s not for everyone,” was the reply.
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Overflowing trash and recycling containers are not only unsightly but also potentially hazardous to Athens Services drivers, traffic, and the environment. They can also be a magnet for wild animals, insects, and bacteria.
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11Athens Services Featured in Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine
Athens Services is committed to environmental sustainability. The latest example is the opening of its new Thousand Oaks Sustainability Center. Athens Executive Vice President Gary Clifford and Territory Sales Manager Matt Trouts discuss the company, its culture, and how the center will benefit Conejo Valley residents in the January 2021 issue of Conejo Valley Lifestyle.
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11State of the Waste Industry: Recycling in the Age of COVID-19
The business of effectively separating recyclable material from waste has always posed a challenge. Sorting numerous materials mingled together is complex and difficult because of the machinery and workforce required.
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11Holiday Trees Thumbnail
Athens Services will collect and recycle approximately 100,000 holiday trees this year. According to Statista, each holiday tree disposed of at a landfill will generate 35 pounds of greenhouse gases as it decomposes.
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11Matt Conejo Valley Lifestyle Cover Photo
It is time for a new way to recycle in Thousand Oaks. Traditional methods don’t cut it anymore. The demands and challenges of recycling are greater than ever. Recognizing these facts, city leaders are looking at alternative options for waste and recycling services. Fortunately, they do not have to go it alone; Athens Services has stepped...
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1111-18-20 Thousand Oaks Sustainability Center Thumbnail
Athens Services celebrated the grand opening of our new Thousand Oaks Sustainability Center at the start of November, with the assistance of the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce staff and President/CEO Danielle Borja.
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11Celebrating America Recycles Day: Strategies for Effective Waste Reduction
Recycling is the repurposing of waste into new, useful materials. Recycling helps to save energy, water, and raw materials. It also helps ease the burden on landfills. Being mindful of our limited natural resources can help the environment, reduce pollution, and mitigate climate change. Recycling correctly and reducing waste is an important tactic to help...
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