We look forward to meeting you
Chino Hills

Dear Chino Hills Residents,

We are proud to be a part of the community by participating in your request for proposal process. Thank you for the opportunity!

Athens Services has served Southern California since 1957. Since then we have established ourselves as an industry leader and technology innovator, but most importantly a community partner.

As part of Chino Hills’ request for waste and recycling services proposals, Athens wants to establish a long-term partnership with the beautiful City of Chino Hills- a partnership that will leverage our infrastructure and operational experience to provide the city with the best environmentally sustainable programs at the best value.

Our number one priority is to provide Chino Hills with exceptional Services, by hiring and developing great people from the area, while fostering a safe, healthy, and sustainable Environment; that’s the Athens Way!

We would be honored to become the City of Chino Hills waste and recycling partner. Together, we can establish the best environmental programs today, and for future generations. With Athens Services, the best is yet to come.

We look forward to meeting you, Chino Hills!


Gary Clifford

Executive Vice President

Athens Services

Why Athens?


Athens was founded in 1957 on the simple principle of providing excellent service at the most value. Today, we collaborate with more than 32 communities to provide waste, recycling, and organic waste collection, as well as street sweeping and recyclable material processing.

Athens proposes an enhanced all-inclusive service package for the City of Chino Hills. The proposal includes a source separation program for residential customers that will maximize landfill diversion. For commercial and multifamily dwellings, we propose a mixed-waste processing program that will alleviate the need for a second container in a community burdened with space constraints.

We are confident that the proposal we have assembled will provide the best service at the most value to the community.


Athens believes in hiring and developing the best people. We have a successful track record of extending employment opportunities to personnel displaced during an acquisition or merger. Through the partnership with the City of Chino Hills, Athens will extend employment opportunities with similar or better benefits and compensation to any employee of the incumbent displaced during the transition, if Athens is awarded the privilege of serving the City.

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Utilizing nearly 60 years of experience, we will launch a comprehensive outreach and education initiative called HEART (Healthier Environments with Athens Recycling ) to engage the community in recycling and food waste rescue and composting. HEART will engage residents, businesses, and institutions in environmental programs and recycling best practices to promote a healthy, safe, and sustainable environment in Chino Hills.

Athens is a landfill avoidance company. Our waste diversion, recyclables material recovery, organics, and compost programs promote sustainable and healthy environments for the community. In the last few years, we have combined over 60 years of experience with the most innovative recycling technology to help communities, like Chino Hills, reach their waste reduction and recycling recovery goals.

The Athens Way

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After more than 60 years, Athens Services remains a family-owned and operated company built on an unwavering commitment to service, its employees, and the environment. At the core of its success is The Athens Way, a business philosophy that underscores a company culture which:

  • Emphasizes superior customer service;
  • Respects and celebrates employees and promotes workplace safety; and
  • Embraces environmental stewardship through the use of clean technology to increase recycling and landfill diversion.

Founded by Jack Arakelian in 1957 as a trash hauling company with just two trucks, today Athens Services is the largest privately held environmental services company in Southern California. With more than a quarter of a million customers in 50 cities and county areas, a fleet of more than 900 vehicles, and a portfolio of facilities that includes two state-of-the-art materials recovery facilities, Athens Services’ future is as bright as its storied past.

Quick Facts

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11Athens Services - award-winning customer service team - Residential & Commercial Services
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  • Developed the first mixed-waste processor in Los Angeles County in 1996
  • Built Southern California’s first LEED® Certified and solar-powered recycling facility
  • First hauler in the City of Los Angeles to implement a full-scale multifamily residential food scrap collection program
  • 250,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers
  • 400+ collection, hauling, and container vehicles
  • 28 municipalities served in the Los Angeles area
  • 6 operation service facilities
  • 2 Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) with new facility coming to Irwindale, CA
  • 1 Composting Facility
  • Helped the 100-year old Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum go from zero percent diversion to zero waste in two football seasons

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