Contamination Customer Charge

Charge Letter

Your container was contaminated with items that should not be placed in that container. Included in the letter you received are photos of the occurrence for your reference. 

Why you are receiving a contamination notification?

Organics contamination is not in compliance the California State Law Senate Bill (SB) 1383.  According to our records, your account has experienced previous instances of contamination and will be assessed a contamination fee for this instance. 

What is contamination?

Contamination can occur in any container and refers to an item that has been improperly disposed. For detailed waste and recycling disposal guidelines, visit

The best way to prevent future contamination and potential fees, is to make sure you are only placing acceptable recyclables and organic materials in their designated containers. When in doubt, leave it out. 

Thank you for your compliance and for source separating your waste. If you have any questions regarding this contamination notification, please visit or call us at (833) 791-2377.

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