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  • I’ve lived in a condo community for almost 13 years.. and Athens has always been our service provider. We have never had a problem with them… actually, the drivers have been so amazing. My kids love when the trash gets picked up… probably because of the giant truck, but every time they rush out there, the driver greets them with a big smile and wave, and even sometimes a nice salutation. I can’t say enough about these guys. I think most parents would agree that if someone can put a smile on your kids’ faces… they’re worth something in my book. Great service and great people. Athens also happens to be the provider to the City my two businesses are in. Same level of service and great drivers as far as we are concerned. I know it’s easier to take the time to post a complaint than a compliment… especially since it’s their job to make the least amount of interruptions in our daily routines. So, I get if you had a bad experience… that’s when you notice something. Regardless of these other reviews… I would highly recommend these guys!

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    Resident of West Covina | Business Owner in Covina
  • My complex was transitioning from another hauler to Athens, and we had some issues with pickup that were quite frustrating. I reached out to Athens in the morning to inform them of the problem, and received a call back from an Athens representative. He listened to my concerns, and said he would make calls to the right department to make sure our trash would be picked up that day. At lunch time, the truck from Athens arrived! We warned the driver that there was a lot of trash in the enclosure. He assured me that trash from the bin and everything that had accumulated in the enclosure would all be picked up. When the driver and his companion left, we had an empty bin and a clean trash enclosure. The original Athens representative followed up with a call to make sure the job had been completed. I said YES and told him that we appreciated all the help he provided us that day. By 2 p.m., our building engineer reported that the extra bin we requested was also delivered. Thank you to the Athens team and their drivers, who did not complain when they picked up all the trash in the bin and enclosure. Based on this experience, I’m giving Athens 5/5 stars!

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    LILLY H.
    Business Representative in Sherman Oaks
  • I would like to thank the amazing Athens Services team for your extraordinary participation at the City of South Pasadena’s Free Mulch and Compost Giveaway event this past Saturday. Once again, working with Athens was a complete pleasure! I received countless compliments on Athens’ gorgeous compost, and your street sweeper left the parking lot clean enough to eat of off (the Eclectic Music Festival was grateful for that). Finally, I would like to acknowledge your team-player attitude which made everything a pleasure! While this was a super busy event, everything was perfect. And, I would like to thank Athens Services for their part in making this happen!!

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    Senior Management Analyst | City of South Pasadena
  • Athens Services sponsored green waste pick-up at our “Climate Day LA” event, which celebrated local solutions to climate change. Having triple stream waste services on-site ensured that our attendees were part of an event that embodied what it communicated. Athens also provided assistance throughout the lead-up and during the event, which we really appreciate from a partner. The entire team at Climate Resolve and our production partners thank Athens for helping make this experience possible; we hope that future events afford us the opportunity to work together again!

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    Outreach Director | Climate Resolve
  • I have been very impressed with Athens. Our trash guy Joe is amazing and so accommodating. I email our sales rep Jennifer often with questions and she has been amazing too! I love working with both of them.

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    Property Manager | The Adler Apartments
  • Ever since Athens started servicing our site, I have been praising the company and the great customer service the team has been giving me. I really appreciate the fact that I don’t need to worry if my containers are going to be picked up or not. Especially, our sales rep Eddie has done a fantastic job and he has helped me tremendously. Once again, thank you Athens for the great job and customer service you guys give us.

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    Area Manager | SBM
  • I wanted to let you know that the gentleman who picks up the trash at our location around 6:30am daily is worthy of a Nobel peace prize. I believe his name is Mr. Luna or Mr. Lanza. He is considerate and does an exemplary job of being as quiet and considerate of the residents as he can doing the complex task given. He is an example of what others should aspire to.

    We are most grateful to him and his partner for setting such an awesome example. He makes me proud to know him.

    Please commend him and give him the recognition he needs because you won’t find many of his type out there anymore. He is a rare, Renaissance man, truly one to be recognized.

    Athens Services - White Logo Mark
    GINA H.
    Resident of Los Angeles
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