Establishing a New Generation at Athens Services

Waste and recycling professionals work hard every day to protect the environment for all of us. We’ve all seen the drivers who collect our waste and recycling, but there are many more workers behind the scenes. All of them deserve our thanks for the work they do.

Establishing a New Generation at Athens Services

At Athens, “family-owned and operated” is more than just a saying, it is a dedication to family values and commitment to helping our team members thrive. Meet Operations Manager Juan and Junior Route Auditor Cristian Arias, a father-son duo based out of Athens’ LA North truck yard in Pacoima.

Juan has been in the waste industry for 25 years, with more than 16 of those at Athens. He spent his first nine and a half years as a utility driver and gradually moved his way up to his current position. Juan tracks driver efficiency, supervises team leaders, and takes charge during the early hours as an ‘opener,’ ensuring drivers are prepped for their day and all routes are covered.

The morning hustle and bustle is both the most challenging and Juan’s favorite part of the day. Safeguarding that all routes are covered and pivoting where needed is like a big game of Tetris for him.

Juan’s son, Cristian, joined the Athens team two and a half years ago. As a Junior Route Auditor, Cristian works to ensure SB 1383 compliance among cities through Los Angeles and Ventura counties including Azusa, Covina, Glendora, Thousand Oaks, and Lomita.

Cristian sought out a career at Athens following his dad’s recommendation where he highlighted opportunities for growth, a promise of stability, and a family-oriented working environment. 

“Here, you’re more than just a number,” Juan remarked. “In other companies, that’s all you tend to be.” Not just as an Athens team member, but as a father, Juan knows his son is in good hands. “Athens treats you like family and I want him to build a career here because of who he is,” said Juan.

As a proud father, Juan knows his son is very capable and has a bright future ahead of him.

“I like seeing him here and how he’s growing within the company,” said Juan. “I’m really proud of my son.”

 As for Juan himself, he has his eyes set on future advancement opportunities.  

“There is always room to grow within Athens,” said Juan. “I always try to learn as much as I can and I let the other managers know what my goals are.” 

Cristian echoed his father’s sentiments and emphasized that communication is key to elevating your career at Athens.

“There are roles opening in my department and I let my manager know that I’m interested,” said Cristian. “If you express the desire to grow, your team will help you get there.”

The pair resides in Sylmar alongside Isabel, Cristian’s mother and Juan’s wife of almost 26 years, and Osvaldo (16), the family’s youngest son. Osvaldo is eager to join the Athens team and is itching to work alongside his father and brother. 

In Juan and Cristian’s free time, you can catch them watching a Dodger game together. Outside of game days, you will find Juan by Isabel’s side watching romance movies and shows on Netflix.

If you have family members already thriving at Athens and wish to carry on the family legacy, or if you’re interested in embarking on a career within a family-oriented workplace, explore opportunities at

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