How a Passion for the Environment Led to a Career with Athens Services

Athens Services Ricycling Coordinator Evelyn Jauregui

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How a Passion for the Environment Led to a Career with Athens Services

Athens' Recycling Coordinator Evelyn Jauregui

Recycling Coordinator Evelyn Jauregui finds fulfillment through educating the community and helping people take care of the environment.

Evelyn Jauregui came to Athens Services in November 2021. Fresh out of college and with her heart set on a career in the environmental industry, she joined the Athens family as a Recycling Coordinator (RC). Evelyn is based out of the West Los Angeles office and works with commercial businesses and multifamily properties in Westwood and Venice.

In her role, she educates business owners, residents, and students on the requirements of SB 1383 and how to implement a successful organics program. Alongside fellow RC, Carolina Guzman, the pair works together to help guide each customer’s zero waste journey. Their duties include rightsizing containers, training staff on recycling, and providing educational resources.

Recycling Coordinators Carolina Guzman and Evelyn Jauregui

Recycling Coordinators Carolina Guzman and Evelyn Jauregui.

In working with a team that shares similar interests, Evelyn has been able to build a strong network of environmental advocates.

“When I was in college, I was very much into sustainability and wanting to know what I could do to help the environment,” said Evelyn. “I knew there were likeminded individuals in that specific route [the environmental field], so it feels good to connect with those people.”

With a little more than a year in her role, Evelyn has discovered a great passion for educating people about recycling and the environment. She encourages anyone with an interest in sustainability to pursue a role in the environmental industry, whether in waste or recycling, energy, or the water sector.

“I think everyone has something to learn [about the waste industry] and there are so many different facets that you can grow in, whether it be time management, communication, or learning about trash,” said Evelyn. “There is just so much room to grow individually and professionally.”

Evelyn lives in Simi Valley with her parents, two older brothers, and their three dogs. She earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. In her free time, she enjoys scrapbooking and reading.

Through Athens, Evelyn has been able to jumpstart her career and make an impact in the community. If Evelyn’s story has inspired you, consider a role as a Recycling Coordinator or explore other career opportunities at Athens by visiting

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