Athens Services is developing a new Materials Recovery Facility and Transfer Station known as the “Irwindale MRF” located at 2200 Arrow Highway in the City of Irwindale. Permitted to receive up to 6,000 tons per day of material, the new facility will receive, process, and transfer non-hazardous mixed-municipal solid waste, organics waste, and construction and demolition material from commercial waste haulers as well as self-haulers.

The Irwindale MRF will be one of the most technologically advanced MRFs in the country; utilizing the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and optical sorting technology, as well as new organics waste technology to divert material away from landfills.

More importantly, the Irwindale MRF is Athens’ latest investment in communities. The facility will create 300 local jobs in the Los Angeles area and will house a Recycling Science and Technology Center designed to educate local youth on recycling and sustainability. The MRF will also help local Cities meet their environmental goals and attain a zero-waste future. The site will be environmentally friendly with solar panels and LEED certification.

Athens Services will break ground on the new project in May 2022, with plans for the facility to be fully operational in mid-year 2023.


Keeping SoCal communities safe, healthy, and sustainable

The Irwindale MRF provides recyclables recovery service to dozens of communities in the Los Angeles Area. Combining innovation and safety culture, the MRF has been able to help these communities remain in compliance with state mandates while fostering a safer and healthier environment. Athens Services is has invested millions of dollars into its recycling infrastructure to support a more sustainable environment and to help cities meet their zero-waste goals.

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