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Athens Services Launches New Sustainability Center in Thousand Oaks

Athens Services formally announces the launch of its new Sustainability Center, the first-ever dedicated to environmental sustainability for Thousand Oaks residents. The center is located at 2251 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. Residents are able to come in and learn about waste reduction, recycling and composting.
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How a Running Springs Thrift Store Helps Make Gems Out of Trash.

We’ve all faced the issue of what to do with clothing or household items we no longer need or use but are too good to throw away. Finding a nearby thrift store or donation center to take them to can be challenging.
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Meet the Athens Services Team Who Keeps Your City Clean

The week of June 17 is Waste and Recycling Workers Week. This national observance recognizes the vital role of waste and recycling workers in keeping our cities safe and clean.
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Athens Services Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Its First MRF

Athens Services welcomed representatives from several Southern California cities to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company’s first materials recovery facility (MRF) on Thursday, May 27.
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