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Meet Riel Johnson, Athens Services’ Zero Waste Pioneer

In only 11 years, Riel Johnson has developed several innovative recycling technology “firsts”: Artificial intelligence and optical sorters at materials recovery facilities; Auger screening equipment to filter green waste for composting; Organic separation presses to squeeze liquids from waste for processing into fuel.
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Working for Environmental Justice: Protecting the Environment for All

Your grandparents or parents most likely spent most of their lives dumping all of their waste into one bin that was destined for the landfill. Times have changed. Recycling is now a normal part of everyday life. Companies like Athens Services have made major investments to reduce the environmental impact of landfills.
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The Power of Composting: A Valuable Solution to an Earth-sized Problem

The disposal of green waste, also called organics, in landfills has a destructive impact on the environment. It takes up a lot of space and produces harmful gases that contribute to climate change. However, if recycled, organic waste can make the Earth safer, healthier, and more sustainable. Organics waste can not only help the environment...
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How One Young Man Found His Career in an Athens Truck

Week after week, Raul Flores watched Athens Services collection trucks from the counter of the retail store where he worked. One day, he asked the Athens driver what the job was like. “It’s not for everyone,” was the reply.
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