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Are You Thinking of Selling?

Athens Services is always interested in integrating our services with companies that share our core values of People, Service and Environment. We understand that as a business owner, it can be difficult to balance the tasks of day-to-day operations, and also find the time to regularly evaluate the business-end of your company. Whether you are looking to sell, or to get more support, Athens would like to offer your business a simple valuation consultation.

Our Process is Simple & Confidential

Athens strives to serve our customers through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions that better the surrounding communities. If you think your company could help us achieve these goals, we’d like to discuss the following:

  1.  Your Company History
  2. Your Goals and Interests
  3. Our Shared Objectives and Goals
  4. Our Valuation Process
  5. Transition Targets and Timelines
  6. Mutually Beneficial Integration and Retention Plans

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We Will Add to the Value of Your Business, The Athens Way!

We understand that the decision to sell your business is a personal one, and the benefits we offer are designed to continue adding value and growing the business you worked so hard to build. Athens Services has an unwavering commitment to service, its employees, and to the environment. At the core of its success is The Athens Way, a business philosophy that underscores a company culture which:

Emphasizes Award Winning Customer Service

Integrating with Athens will benefit your customers because we know that taking care of the customer creates a stronger business. We have invested in the best people, business practices, equipment, and technology to ensure your customers remain happy.

Respects and Celebrates Employees & Promotes Workplace Safety

Integrating with Athens will benefit your employees because we know that taking care of your employees creates a successful business. We offer endless opportunities to grow within the company, as well as great benefits, training, and competitive salaries. We always focus on safety first, so your employees can feel comfortable in their environment as they focus on their careers.

Embraces Environmental Stewardship Through the Use of Clean Technology

Integrating with Athens will benefit your business goals because we know that protecting the environment creates a progressive business. Our skills and experience in environmental stewardship and innovation can elevate your company’s current practices to reach our objective to increase recycling and landfill diversion.

Your Partner to Achieving a Zero Waste Future

Athens Services is a local, family-owned waste collection and recycling company that has been a fixture in Southern California communities for the past 60 years. We provide innovative, consistent, and quality environmental services to our more than 250,000 customers in the 50+ communities we serve. Through reuse, recycling, and composting, Athens diverts valuable resources from landfills.

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