The City of Pomona Awards Exclusive 10-Year Waste Contract to Athens Services

Athens Services truck in Pomona, CA

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The City of Pomona Awards Exclusive 10-Year Waste Contract to Athens Services

Athens Services truck in Pomona, CA

Athens Services has been awarded an exclusive 10-year franchise waste and recycling collection contract for the City of Pomona, California. With a 6-1 vote, City Council moved to award Athens the contract based on recommendations from city staff and R3 Consulting Group.

“We are honored to have the opportunity to deepen our relationship with Pomona and introduce even more customers in the City to The Athens Way,” said Executive Vice President Gary Clifford.

Among the three proposals, Athens rated as the top respondent – scoring #1 in qualifications, technical approach, and sustainability programs. The Council agreed with city staff’s conclusion that Athens proposed, “the best overall combination of residential, commercial, and multifamily rates; demonstrated leadership in SB 1383 and other regulatory compliance; and improved services and options for customers.”

As part of the transition, qualified full-time and part-time city employees will be offered guaranteed employment and a generous hiring bonus. Collection services are slated to begin on July 1, 2023.

The 10-year contract includes bundled services (i.e. recycling, organics, and waste collection) for all residential, multifamily, and commercial customers. The contract will also significantly expand current street sweeping services to include every street in the City.

“I don’t know if people are aware, but not every city street gets swept,” said Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval. “This [agreement] is significantly different because now you have an operation where every city street will be swept.”

The new agreement aims to establish an effective, efficient, environmentally clean, and safe system of collection for the Pomona community. In reducing the number of waste haulers currently servicing the City from four to one, Athens will help the City reach its sustainability goals.

“Athens is committed to providing the community with an appropriate level of service at the highest quality,” said Executive Vice President Matthew Niklas, who will oversee the management of the contract. “We are excited to be expanding our 15+ year partnership with the City of Pomona and look forward to collaborating with city staff on community enrichment and beautification programs.

Athens Services is a recycling and waste diversion leader in Southern California. Family-owned and operated since 1957, Athens was founded on the simple principle of providing exceptional service, by hiring and developing great people, while fostering a safe, healthy, and sustainable environment; that’s The Athens Way. Today, Athens Services teams up with local communities, as well as private institutions and government agencies, as their zero waste partner.

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