Athens Services Hits the Road with First Fully Electric Collection Vehicle

Athens Services first fully electric collection vehicle

Waste and recycling professionals work hard every day to protect the environment for all of us. We’ve all seen the drivers who collect our waste and recycling, but there are many more workers behind the scenes. All of them deserve our thanks for the work they do.

Athens Services Hits the Road with First Fully Electric Collection Vehicle

In a new milestone for environmental sustainability, the first zero-emission, fully electric waste collection vehicle in Los Angeles may soon pull up to a green bin near you.

Athens Services first fully electric collection vehicle

Athens Services is piloting a zero-emissions vehicle (ZEV) to collect organics recycling from 160 properties in the City of LA. The modified Ford F-600 is the first ZEV participating in the City’s recycLA program for waste collection and serves as the company’s first step in exploring an electrification pathway.
On May 22, EV 151 completed its first day collecting organics waste near MacArthur Park. The innovative collection vehicle is equipped with a 6-yard rear loader that operates for 11 route hours daily off a single charge.

Athens scouted the EV industry in search of a partner that could help design a vehicle able to meet Athens’ reliability standards and performance requirements. Over the past year, Athens collaborated with several companies to deliver a fully electric collection vehicle capable of providing high-quality service without disruption to customers or operations.

Fully electric collection vehicle picks up organics containers in Los Angeles

“Athens’ approach to electrification has been to find a vehicle that has the ability and functionality to support LA’s collection needs,” said Athens Vice President of Fleet Maintenance & Procurement Neil Johnson. “The ZEV’s range, packing mechanism, and compact design fits that model perfectly and will allow Athens to scale its fleet and EV infrastructure at a realistic rate.”

The pilot project is currently evaluating the feasibility of accessing charging stations, implementing efficient routing, and incorporating EVs within Athens’ existing infrastructure.

In support of the City of LA’s 100% Renewal Energy Study (LA100), which sets out to achieve 100% carbon-free energy by 2035, Athens is collaborating with the Department of Water and Power to assess the electrification needs of the city and Athens’ fleet. Athens is also collaborating with local nonprofit and community organizations, such as CultivaLA.

“CultivaLA is proud to partner with Athens Services as they launch their zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) in the MacArthur Park/ Westlake Neighborhood,” said Jose Miguel Ruiz, CEO and Founder of “CultivaLA is a mission-driven organization and together we have diverted over 50 cubic yards of green waste from landfills by turning the collected byproducts into organic compost. This nutrient-rich compost has been used within our network of community gardens and our 5-acre community farm to increase local food access and ecological biodiversity. CultivaLA looks forward to having new ZEV at our next community event.”

As the largest private waste hauler in Southern California, Athens’ operations involve heavy-duty collection vehicles serving customers each and every day. While today our natural gas fleet is powered by carbon negative renewable natural gas (RNG), Athens is committed to further exploring electrification technology to support the LA100 initiative and move closer towards a clean energy future.

This pilot project will be a case study for what an electrified future could look like and can serve as a model for fleet-based industries considering a transition to EVs.

“The purpose of the recycLA program is to innovate and invest in solutions that enhance the quality of life for Angelenos,” said Athens Senior Director Robert Zaratsian. “Athens is excited for the opportunity to help LA meet its renewable energy goals and take a pivotal step towards utilizing more ZEVs on city streets.”

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